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Père Noël (Santa Claus) by Nicolas Terry

Père Noël (Santa Claus) by Nicolas Terry
Père Noël (Santa Claus) by Nicolas Terry
Père Noël (Santa Claus) by Nicolas Terry
Père Noël (Santa Claus) by Nicolas Terry
Designer: Nicolas Terry Folder and Photographer: @Origami_Kids

Difficulty level: Medium Time to fold 60 min. 41 steps. Folded from a one classic Red and White Single Uncut square origami paper, about 60cm x 60cm.

Nicolas Terry: French artist , professional in Origami. After working as an engineer and then as a consultant physician professional development, he directed to the origami his professional activities for several years. Their personal creations allowed him to be invited to many conventions as Japan Origami (Tanteidan), Korea, Spain, England, Italy, Germany, France and the United States
How to fold, at the end of the page

How to fold Here!
You can Download the diagrams which Nicolas Terry has generously shared with everyone in their web page Diagram Here!



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